Business Services

  1. Property:

  2. A. We insure things that stay in one place: the building you own and the contents of your business whether you are in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, business or residential service, contracting, garage and auto related service, or any other type of business venture.

    B. We insure things that move around or are not inside the business: contractor's tools and equipment, items awaiting installation or being delivered, contents of vehicles, signs and outdoor property, forklifts, tractors and other such equipment, and other items in this category.

    C. We schedule items that are identifiable by serial and model numbers or appraisals, are unique and difficult to replace, or are more expensive than a normal item of it’s kind.

    D. We insure property of others for which you have care, custody, and control.

  3. Liability

  4. A. General liability: Bodily injury, property damage, libel or slander for which you are deemed to be legally liable.

    B. Umbrella liability: Higher limits of other liability coverages to give you additional protection.

    C. Employee Practices liability - protecting you against accusations of sexual harassment, improper hiring and firing, discrimination, and improper promotion or demotion.

    D. Professional liability: protecting you against accusations of errors or omissions in performing your job.

    E. Directors and Officers liability: protection for your officers and directors who are accused of making decisions which adversely affect others.

    F.Organizational liability: especially for non profit organizations which extends directors and officers coverage to employees and volunteers.

    G. Special Events liability: Coverage for fund raising and other special events outside the normal scope of your activities. This could include concerts, raffles, golf tournaments, races, celebrations, and any other function you can imagine.

  5. Workers Compensation:

  6. Reimbursement for all medical expenses incurred for on the job injuries or illnesses, disability payments for time missed due to those injuries or illnesses, and liability coverage if an employer is deemed to have knowingly caused the problem. If you do not have workers comp insurance and your employee(W-2 or 1099) is injured on the job, you may be personally responsible for his or her medical bills.

  7. Commercial vehicle coverage:

  8. For any kind of vehicle used in a business venture including sales, service, towing, delivery, transporting passenders, recreational and many other classes.

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    Types of businesses covered

    Retail stores, wholesale suppliers, sales organizations, manufacturers reps, manufacturing firms, service businesses like printers, sign companies, web designers, appliance repair, property owners and managers, artisan contractors like plumbers, carpenters, landscapers, tile and stone masons, heating and air, fabricators, vehicle service and sales, beauty salons, day care facilities, professionals like lawyers, dentists, physicians, accountants, non profit organizations, trucking and delivery companies, self employed entrepreneurs, home based businesses, churches, restaurants, and many others.