Employee Benefit Plans

As an employer, you are faced with many decisions about what to offer your employees as a benefit in addition to their wages. If you don’t offer enough, your competition may hire them or take them from you. If you offer too much, your employees may end up costing you more than your company can support financially. We can help you design plans to maximize your employee hiring and retention.

Group medical insurance – What is best for you? Can you answer these questions?
  1. Fee for service plan

  2. Preferred provider plan

  3. HMO

  4. Health reimbursement account plan

  5. Health savings account plan

  6. Partially or fully self insured plan

  7. Which provider network is the right one for my company

Group disability insurance
  1. Short term coverage to replace sick leave

  2. Long term coverage to offer employee security

Dental Insurance

Do I offer it? Do I pay for it?

Vision Insurance

Do I offer it? Do I pay for it?

Cafeteria or section 125 plan

Should I offer one? What should it include – premiums only, deductibles, over the counter drugs, day care, pre-paid legal, etc.

Voluntary payroll deduction benefits

Should I offer them? What benefits should be included – Accident, Dental, Cancer, Hospital,etc.

Are you confused? You probably need to talk to us.