Hamilton Place Insurance -

Life and Health Insurance

There are four possible outcomes to your life. You probably need professional assistance to prepare for these outcomes.

  1. You can live long enough to realize your financial goals for your family
  2. You can die before those plans are completed
  3. You can live long enough but require care which destroys all your financial planning
  4. You can become disabled and unable to earn enough money to complete your plans while draining resources.

Life Insurance

We sell all types of life insurance; Term insurance, Universal life insurance, Whole life insurance, First to die, and Second to die. We have access to more than 25 carriers to design the best plan at the best cost for your situation. People need life insurance for various reasons from family and income protection to estate planning and paying estate taxes to employee benefits like key person plans, buy-sell agreements, and retirement planning. We can help analyze your needs and recommend a solution.

Long Term Care Insurance

People today are living longer. Rather than dying, they are spending the last years of their lives in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. If you have not planned for this, it can devastate your family and your financial well-being. We can help you avoid that financial disaster with proper long term care planning.

Disability Insurance

If you are disabled and unable to work, you can not support your family. We can provide an income ranging from an amount needed to just get by to an amount needed to maintain your standard of living.